Allie West is back! Buckle up as the journey continues in her sequel memoir Still A Mess if you thought A Dressed Up Mess took you on a whirlwind journey just wait….


This year is going to be epic, Allie imagines as she wakes up New Year’s day in Danny’s bed after a night of blissful lovemaking. She’s finally embraced that living back in her hometown can work. Afterall things are shaping up nicely. All remnants of Austin are gone, work is fine, the kids are adjusting and she’s finally in a loving relationship.  She can finally exhale; the breath barely leaves her body when a series of misfortunate events sends Allies life spiraling out of control!

Taking being fired on her dad’s birthday; ten days into the New Year, in stride; she needs the time off to finish her Master’s degree anyway. But planning her fabulous fortieth birthday should not include hiding her car from the repo man… Get up Girl, you're Still A Mess.

Things are getting really messy, but Allie is the Queen of bouncing back; in her mind two things she loves fixes any problem she faces. What can’t be resolved with retail therapy and mind-blowing sex? Feeling down or low? Shop! Depressed? Shop. Seeking love; sex, lonely; sex. Need a pick me up shop then have sex. The two become synonymous and Allie sinks further down into the rabbit hole of depression, guilt and low self -worth. Will she ever figure out how to undress her mess or will she remain in this cycle forever, fighting the enemy within?

Still A Mess Ebook