One on One Wellness and Healing Discovery Session. Discovery calls may last up to 15 minutes. During the call potential healing/coaching clients will engage in an intuitively guided session with healing alchemist Allie West to discovery which prevailing characteristics materialize for primary and or secondary areas for spiritual/energetic soul level healing.


After the session clients and Allie determine if they are a good fit to work together for the clients healing journey. Divinely guided revelations.

One On One Discovery Call with Allie West

  • Thank you for the first step to your healing/ wellness journey. It's time to  become your masterpiece. Get unstuck and clear the M.E.S.S. Misalighed Energy Shadowing Success and master peace in your life. 

    Payment is due prior to services being rendered.

    I am not a Medical Doctor.

    I am a metaphycian - a soul healer. Energetic Healing Practitioner

    NO HEALING services during discovery call.

    Services are considered rendered at the end of the call.

    Any Follow up calls, questions etc are considered to be another consultation and will be charged as such.


    Remember it;s ok to be a MESS but it's not okay to stay a mess! 

    With ease & grace,

    Allie West, M.Ed


    Turning messess into masterpeices by teaching others to master peace through healing modalities.