Allie West has it all – a good job, tons of friends, and a small close-knit family in Atlanta. On thecusp of her success, she cashed in her charmed life for love, and the check bounced. Now, she’s forced to hit restart. Midlife crisis? No, not for Allie. Life simply can’t happen thisway for her, or so she thought. Take a trip with her as she finds herself back where it all began -at home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, literally in her parents’ house, starting over at nearly forty yearsold. Putting the pieces of her life together while dealing with family dynamics isn’t easy. Hometownissues she ran from years ago begin to resurface, not to mention the new ones with her childrenafter escaping the harassment of an evil, abusive, manipulating ex.Allie ran from failure, inadequacy, rejection, and depression and hit the mall. Sure, she’s a mess,but she’s a dressed up mess. Follow her as she fixes her life or not. Are you ready?

A Dressed Up Mess