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Style is as unique and individual as each soul that roams the planet. Though trends coe and go- to thine own-self be true is definitely applicable when it comes to fashion. For centuries fashion magazine set the stage to what is hot and what is not and heard the masses by telling us what to wear.

Conformity was the flavor of the day.

Beyond the models adorned in high priced fashions that the everyday woman could only fantasize about there wasn’t much given to the idea of independence. Fast forward 2021 we are individuals that make up the collective and your taste and style is just that yours. It is your duty to style in confidence. I’m here to support your individual style by enhancing our choice to be to be you unapologetically. I share fashion IQ so that you make informed choices in selecting the right styles and colors for your body type, under tones and taste. Let’s look at the psychology of color and learn or expand your knowledge of the meaning- what color represents and how it impacts you.

  • What is you favorite color?

  • Do you know what it represents?

  • Did you know that colors can shift your mood?

  • Do you know that each color represents certain qualities?

Interesting huh? Let’s look at a few options from the color wheel and explore their faculties. What Color Should I Wear let, the POWER of color help you choose! Remember the colors you wear affect your mood. Green: calm, soothing, reassurance, security, abundance, love, growth, luck, peaceful, healing, money If you want to see things from a different point of view wear green. Pink: romance, love, beauty, serenity, affection When you need to concentrate listen, put on some pink to feel feminine and lovable. Red: Is a powerful energy color it represents passion, excitement, youth, daring, danger, urgency. It’s associated with one need to survive. Did you know wearing the color red breeds success? Blue: trust, smart, calm, faith, natural, stable, power, professional, strength Blue is the most popular color. Wear it on an interview it represents loyalty. If you need peace and relaxation in your life slip on a piece of blue clothing. Wearing blue encourages decision making and building self-confidence. Black: power, sophistication, formality, mystery, authority Wanna lose weight without putting in the work, it’s easy as lifting your fingers in slipping into your favorite black dress or any other piece of black clothing for all that matters. Black gives the optical illusion of appearing thinner ( you’re welcome). Black is also elegant and timeless. White: innocence, safety, perfections, fresh, hope, goodness Where white if you want to project more honesty, transparency and are receptive to new ideas. Are you ready for a personal growth and development journey? White brings about an awareness of your own life and helps you to understand it better. Need a life coach? Look no further I am here to assist you with meeting your goals that bring you in alignment with our purpose. Ask me how? Purple: protective, wise, thoughtful, curative, royal, luxury, dignity, ambition, independence, mystery Wearing purple gives you higher sense of self, spirituality, aligns you with the universe. Purple is soothing and vibrant and increases your feminine attributes. The calming and simulating properties puts you in the right frame of mind. A bonus it decreases blood pressure and heart rate. Can you guess what my favorite color is? These are just a few examples to help you style in confidence and wear those winning colors. For a deeper dive into colors in fashion inquire about my Color Me Confident: How Colors Impact Your World Workshop. Until next time be confident, be bold be you!

Don't forget to connect with me on Instagram and let's see you be bold! @messologist

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