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Style in Confidence

Wearing Confidence in Style!

Have you ever seen an outfit on a friend, or stranger and they looked AMAZING? I mean head turning fab-u-lous;

You knew that you had to get that outfit so you ask the question. Where’d you get that? If you’re lucky they’ll tell you, (why some women don’t want to share where they bought something, never ceases to amaze me; but that’s another blog). You rush to buy the outfit and when you get it home, finally try it on and it’s blah on you. It doesn’t even look like the same outfit!

You are in disbelief, it does absolutely nothing for you.

Have you ever considered that the outfit was not designed for your body type?

Surprisingly, many women don’t know what their body type is. In order to dress in confidence for your body, you have to know what your body type is. There are many indicators that determine your body type you can do an in depth research in your spare time – I’m going to take some of

the guesswork out of it and discuss some key factors about five common body types


Also known as the rectangle, H, or athletic build: This may be you if:

  • Your weight is evenly distributed

  • Your shoulders and hips measurements are pretty even

  • Your waist is straight up and down

Luckily, you can wear just about any style of fashion!

Here are a few quick tips on how to confidently style your Banana shape.

Your shape can confidently pull off nearly any style, so you have a wide range of choices. The key for you is balancing top to bottom. If you were a heavy or wide type, balance it with leggings, skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. Vice versa if you wear wide leg pants balance it with a simple cami or razor back top. The world is your oyster when it comes to dress. It truly depends on what you want to wear. A few styles that will look great on you include halters, strapless and swoop necklines. To create a waistline add a thin belt. Have fun, be daring, be you!


Also known as the circle or round shape: This may be you if

  • Your shoulders are broader than your hips

  • You don’t have a defined waistline

  • You are pretty well proportioned

Here are a few quick tips on how to confidently style your Apple shape. Embrace your attributes- accentuate the positives, scale up your bust, legs and arms. The lower necklines will do magical things for your shape. Strapless, flowy maxies and wrap dresses are your go to dresses; you can add a cami for security. Flowy tunics and v-necks are your friends and with skirts play around with minis or tee length. Have fun, try new things and see what works for you; most importantly style in confidence. Do what works for you!


Also known as the triangle shape. This may be you if

  • Your top is smaller than the bottom half of your body

  • Fuller hips

  • Slender or narrow bust and wider hips

  • You have a big butt and you cannot lie (baby got back) (early 90’s rap)

Here’s a few quick tips on how to confidently style your Pear Shape. Embrace your curves girl! I have great news for you- the jeans industry loves you! You look amazing in any pair of jeans ever constructed! The key for you is to elongate your body. A great way to do this is bright fun, embellished necklines, patterns up top and darker colors on the bottom. Play to your positives: your waist, back and neckline. V-neck shirts, scoop necklines and bell sleeves are your friends. Let’s not forget to bring it with dramatic, bold , statement jewelry. There are so many options for dresses; dramatic sleeves, open backs you name it but a wrap dress is always a great choice in dresses. Be daring, have fun and stride in confidence.


Also known as the inverted triangle. This may be you if

  • You have broad prominent shoulders

  • Full breast

  • Narrow hips, flat butt

  • Long slender legs

Here are a few quick tips to dress in confidence for your Strawberry shape. Embrace skirts, show off your legs! Wear dark colors on top to minimize your shoulders. Asymmetrical necklines in tops and dresses are a hit. Wide leg or flare leg pants are your friends. Cinch your waist girl, to bring more definition to your shape. Remember to have fun and do what works for you to style in confidence.


This may be you if

  • You are curvy

  • Well defined waistline

  • Breast and hips are fairly even

Did you know that corsets were invented in the Victorian era to give the appearance of the hourglass silhouette?

Your shape set fashion trends so why not play around with fashions that accentuate all of your positives. Here are a few quick tips to dress in confidence for your Hourglass shape. Clothes love you bring out your best in body hugging clothes. Bodycon dresses love you. Play with jersey knits, peplum tops and v-neck, round or boat necks. Wrap dresses and fit and flare dresses are perfect for you. Any clothes that draw attention to your waist and accentuate your legs and hips are a go. Push the envelope with fun bold necklaces. Whatever you do, do what makes you happy and want to dance in your clothes and remember to do it in confidence.

Now you are all ready to shop and style in confidence for clothes that are made for you. Check out our fashions here at Allie’s Closet as we have clothes that will fit all body types. We specialize in body positive messaging for everyone, we know that there is a runway model in all of us. The key is to be confident and comfortable with whatever you choose to wear and that all starts with your most important accessory: your smile! Go be confidently great! If you would like to participate in a virtual workshop on dressing confidently for your body type let us know. Send in email to or chat with us online.

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