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Aww, the day after the most celebrated day of love.

Valentines Day, where single people or anyone that wasn’t adorned with Valentines' Day gifts and candy flock to the stores on a quest for the 75% off candy sale. Whether to quench their love of chocolate or to feel the love that they believe to have missed them the day before; whatever the reason it makes me wonder:

When is I love me enough?

Many people go through life seeking love and validation from outside sources. Quite naturally we want the love of our parents, family members and friends. We most definitely crave the love of our significant others (if we even have one). Terms like you complete me rolls off our tongues like melted butter on a fresh baked roll. Have you ever thought to consider that we are complete, and we are enough without the need or validation from anyone outside of ourselves? I wonder when I love me is enough?

Don’t we know, that we are complete? We came here that way, but somewhere along life’s journey some lost the encoding.

We freely assign love to everything imaginable; from shoes to food, even hair styles, but do we love the one thing that needs our love the most, us? It is true that love makes the world go around, there are over one million songs written about love and those are just the ones documented - So, this thing called LOVE is certainly something that we all seek.

It's an innate part of our being. We need it like we need the air we breathe. I personally believe that love cures all things. If there was just a little bit more love in the world, it would surely be a better place. Jackie Deshannon had it right when she sang 'What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love.' I venture to one up her and boldly say that what the world needs now is a healthy dose of Self Love.

Like Whitney Houston belted from those incredible vocals; learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. Yet, self love is an area many struggle with. Some will pour out every single ounce of love that they possess to everyone else but never fill their own cup with love, grace or mercy. Never realizing that self love holds the key to the universe, they are left empty and depleted form seeking love in all the wrong places when the exact address love resides is within.

When we learn to love ourselves, we not only change ourselves from within, we change the world around us and how we show up in the world. Self-love is the best love no doubt! One personal growth journey, I had to learn how to love me unconditionally. I mean every part of me, even the parts I wasn’t sure how to love. It was work but so worth it. I changed my mind, language and feelings about myself. I finally learned that I love me is enough, and I no longer wonder if it is enough. I know it is!

If you're struggling with loving on you, do whatever it takes to have the courage to love yourself.

  • Practice daily affirmations

  • Take an inventory on how your treat yourself

  • Do one thing each day to express self -love

  • If necessary, seek professional help

If you need help building your confidence, you can contact me, Coach Allie for an inquiry about my Confidence Coaching Program.

Let’s connect! I’d love to hear from you. Share your stories about how you demonstrate self-love. What are your self-care routines? Come on, spill the tea on the best love story that every existed – your love affair with yourself!

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