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Allie West
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I am Allie West, Messsologist and I turn messes into masterpieces.

I did it for me and I’d love to do it for you!

What in the world is a Messologist?

A Messologist is someone who turn a mess into a masterpiece - So you’ve heard of an opthamologist, psychologist and other ologist but you’ve probably never heard of a Messologist; well that’s because it’s a word I’ve coined, yes I made it up. All those ologist specialize in something, experts in all their fields; Well I specialized in MESS – not the mess you may typically think of like a messy person that is always in mess, starting mess or being messy.  That’s not quite it.  The mess that I specialized in was messy (or self limiting behaviors) such as messy thinking, messy language, messing feelings which lead to messy actions. For many years I didn’t realize that I was A Dressed Up Mess and when it became apparent, I was Still A Mess because I didn’t want to Undress The Mess to Address the Mess and turn my Mess Into My Masterpiece.

Specializing in mess kept my life stagnant.

Literally stuck in a cycle of making decisions that only held me back from accessing my full potential. It finally became too much and the cost of living with my messy decisions was too high. Making the decision to change and do the work needed reevaluate my life, I literally, overtime turned my mess into my masterpiece. Started with my own life, and now I teach others about the benefits of turning their mess into their masterpiece by changing how they think(believe), what they say say(especially to themselves – releasing negative self talk) and how the they feel (about themselves, others and the world around them – increasing emotional IQ). These three attributes determine the quality of your life.  They determine what you manifest. 

So there you have it I am Allie West, Messolgist and I turned my mess into my masterpieces by mastering peace in my life and I’d love to do it for you

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